Are the movies calling for you?

Wanna be in a movie? Young local film director Alex Taylor, whose seven-minute short Kids Might Fly, is winning lots of awards, is casting for his next movie.

A “visionary/fictional documentary about three East European girls who perform home-made (not traditional) exorcisms on Londoners” is how he describes it to Loving Dalston.

If you live in East London, preferably Hackney, if not Dalston, and – and here I must look up the Race Relations Act — you think you know enough about Eastern Europe to portray one of its British imports, apply to me. I’ll also put it this way: Emma Watson would probably be unsuitable.

My eddress is on the contact page, top right. I’ll then forward your note to Taylor, who has just nipped off to the Continent to collect more awards.
Taylor’s films are low-budget, but they may not always be: after all  Quentin Tarantino could afford to travel only on public transport when he started making movies.

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