Mapsters out to record happiness

Good news for a change. The sign below the table says it all: Oli and Alex are taking a hand-drawn tabletop map of Dalston around the district, asking E8ers (Dal-stoners?) to mark with a small block of wood, supplied, a spot that has a personal memory for them or “a project that they think is great!” (the couple’s explanation point, not mine: youthful exuberance). 
What a cheery plan, Loving Dalston thought when it encountered their stall at the junction of Ridley Road Market and Colvestone Crescent on a breezy spring afternoon. A memory of the day a pheasant landed in a local garden was immediately noted (see Old English peasant…) and another passer-by commemorated the riots that regularly erupted when Oswald Mosley’s gang of traitors in 1947 and 1948 absurdly tried to recruit Britons, who had just defeated the Nazis, to fascism.
Hmmm, not sure that commemoration quite fits with the joy of the delightfully hippyish concept. In any case, prepare a favourite memory in the hope of getting to mark the charming Oli and Alex’s map. They will offer you tea and home-made cake. Always reluctant to disdain free nosh, your correspondent  happened to be rushing to eat elsewhere, otherwise…
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