Slebspotting: stars by night and day

Alibi club, Kingsland High Street, Dalston © DA

A UK Garage night? In 2010? Yes, and it’s going to draw some names
Talking of the 1980s… Stand and Deliver singer rocked up to Barden’s

A club night of UK Garage — yep, it’s still going — is planned for Dalston on Saturday 1 May 2010 by Natalie (“I’m famous, me”) Shaw, a DJ, on Saturday 1 May 20120. Thrice As Nice at the Alibi, Kingsland High Street, London E8 2PB, will feature So Solid Crew men Oxide and Neutrino and Rough Trade DJs. Entry will be free from 8pm to 3am and the promoterette expects weirdy beardie Craig David and comeback queen Lisa (So Solid) Maffia to be in the crowd.

Another Rough Trade artist, Colvestone Crescent School alumna Rosa Slade has been getting good reviews for her group Peggy Sue’s fossils and other phantoms, which the band is now promoting in France.A top place if you like slebspotting while you sip coffee and slurp snacks is the Premises at 209 Hackney Road in Shoreditch. It has a café on the street and rehearsal/recording studios at the back, so music-biz stars often come into the caff (open 8am-11pm) for coffee or a full English. The Arctic Monkeys occasionally nip out to Taste of Bitter Love over the road. The Kooks have been in and out of the Premises for several months, newcomer Laura Marling lightened up the dank spring and Manchester’s reformed James have been practising for a European tour. Other revived stars using the Premises include Gary Numan (who, man?), the Waterboys and Brett (Suede) Anderson. Elvis has not been seen. Come to think of it, The Presley has not appeared in Dalston, either. Pop slebs who have been schlepping into Dalston include David McAlmont, who came to see Green (Scritti Politti) Gartside collaborating at the private studio in his Dalston cottage on writing and producing a few tracks with young Rough Tradesignee Joe Worricker.

Gypsy Hotel hand-stampers Yak (left) and Amanda at Stokey's Barden's Boudoir

Away from work: Goldie, he of the in-your-face dental embellishments, has again been making himself conspicuous in the Ditch. The junglist and tyro classical conductor parked his silver Audi and popped into the Boundary Restaurant in Shoreditch on Thursday 8 April 2010. Loving Dalston feels more comfortable in the Albion Café but quite understands that a West Midlander would want to be seen at the more upscale of the two Terry and Vicki Conran-founded eateries.Nash was dining at Nando’s in Church Street last week with a freelance hack. A dull choice for a bright star? Not at all: anyone who’s endured the breathless !!!-littered tedium of her blog will see that it all falls into place.

Eighties comebacker Adam Ant melded well a few weeks ago with the retro-ish types who spend a night at Gypsy Hotel, the club night at Barden’s Boudoir, a roomy basement beyond the narrow door at 36 Stoke Newington Road.

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