Four arrests after Kingsland clash

Four teenagers have been arrested after a fight in Kingsland High Street, Dalston, London E8, on Saturday 5 June 2010 between 11pm and 11.30pm.

It ended when a 15-year-old with puncture wounds was taken to hospital by M-L, a privately owned ambulance service started by a Hackney entrepreneur to work with the National Health Service and other organisations. The boy was later discharged.

Police have denied a claim in an earlier report that the emergency services imposed a news blackout to prevent violent youths’ glorying in publicity. A press officer said: “I am not aware of Hackney police having ever imposed a news blackout of any kind.”

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One thought on “Four arrests after Kingsland clash

  1. The above story is an update of an earlier story so I have re-posted these comments (otherwise they would vanish with the previous version). I’ve taken the chance to correct a few typos (no, not just mine). — David:

    Cloak and Dagger said…
    You often see in on the TV news whenever something happens in Hackney they never mention the H word, it’s always the East End or East of London. Instead of running scared of the “gangs” the police need to do their job and get out of their cars and police the streets

    6 JUNE 2010 13:29
    David Altheer said…
    A commercial building in Queensbridge Road just south of the canal felt obliged several years ago to put a prominent sign over its nightly brightly lit entrance, telling customers not to park there, night or day, because of the likelihood of theft. The sign stayed until everything was taken down for a property development (Adelaide Wharf).

    6 JUNE 2010 14:32
    Cloak and Dagger (that’s better) said…
    Reminds me of the Haringey Police Chief Supt Wayne Mawson who said a few years ago that he was forced to move out of his Hackney home as he was scared of youths hanging around outside his house

    7 JUNE 2010 13:02
    Anonymous said…
    A police chief has admitted that he was forced to move house by youths hanging around outside his home.
    Supt Wayne Mawson, who is in his 40s, said that he decided to leave because he did not want to confront the teenagers sitting on the wall of his property in Hackney, east London.
    The officer, the head of operations in Haringey, north London, said that the youths had made him nervous about returning from work. Supt Mawson confessed that he had given in to them.
    The Metropolitan Police high-flyer, who will earn about £70,000 a year, said: “I gave in to them because it was either that or start challenging them.
    “My quality of life has improved massively since then.”
    Supt Mawson made the admission during a neighbourhood watch meeting in Crouch End, north London, as he highlighted the crucial role that safer neighbourhood teams play.

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