Buzz off! Hollywood filming in E8

Hollywood just can’t keep away from Hackney. Anne Hathaway popped into Dalston at the Ridley Road market end of Colvestone Crescent on Thursday 22 June 2010 for a scene in her latest movie One Day, directed by Lone Scherfig, who also made the impressive An Education.

A few hours later Miss Scherfig and her team moved their kit to the Rio Cinema, necessitating Kingsland High Street’s being brought to a stop on a buzzing weeknight.
Two other feature films, one being directed by a Miss M.L Ciccione, are also shooting in East London. WE, Madonna’s second directorial attempt, is about the 1930s love story between a rich American Wallis Simpson (Andrea Riseborough) and an unemployable Englishman (James D’Arcy).

The third is The Veteran, directed by Matthew Hope and starring Yorkshire-born Tony Kebbell. The movie’s a thriller about an Afghanistan vet who falls into a web of spies and drug dealers when he returns to England. The small Hackney segment will depict a strip club. 

Stand by for further roadblocks and bus diversions.

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