Loving Dalston transport campaign has wheels

These 15 cycle racks are the first of what are likely to be the first of many installed in the vast spaces of the entrance halls at Dalston Junction station.

Victory 1: cycle racks at station ● Victory 2: Rio bus stop success

They represent a victory for Loving Dalston, which, as regular readers will know, has been campaigning for the provision of cycle facilities on the East London Line. The architects, engineers and planners apparently overlooked this aspect of the £1 billion pound north-south railway, despite London’s having a mayor, Boris Johnson, who cycles to work.

The Dalston Junction racks are not officially ready for use: that awaits routine checks. Loving Dalston will continue to lobby for more racks at all the Ell stations.

Another local people’s campaign has also succeeded: the bus stop immediately in Kingsland High Street north of the Rio will be named after the cinema.

Early this year the Rio asked its followers to sign a petition Transport for London to make official the bus-stop name that had been in common usage for years.

TfL, perhaps annoyed at not having cashed in years ago on the obvious marketing opportunities, claimed that it could not use a commercial name for a stop, so the Rio asked supporters for examples of bus stops with commercial names.

Uhm, Selfridges, Brent Cross Shopping Centre, Romford Market, Nags (sic) Head… Loving Dalston immediately bunged off several examples, and referred the cinema to TfL’s own website, where many such stops are mentioned.

Obviously, that left TfL with no excuse and someone from London Buses with one of those multi-word job titles designed to impress has finally had to concede that.

The bureaucrat told the Rio that “Following our review, I am delighted to advise that we have decided [Get on with it! — LD] to change the bus stop names. The bus stops in question [Come to the point!] will be renamed ‘Rio Cinema’, most likely with the detail ‘Sandringham Road – Rio Cinema’ and ‘Shacklewell Lane – Rio Cinema’ to make the two stops more identifiable for those who are visiting the area and who may not be as familiar with the cinema as local bus users…”

The letter goes on, but, yawn, thank you, that’s enough, yes, yes, thank you.

No doubt the vexed question of the subsidiary title will be decided by a TfL/London Buses committee in another few months.

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