E8 crash cyclist stable but critical

MONDAY LATEST: young Latvian woman is victim of Graham Road accident 

Graham Road accident

The condition of a cyclist injured in Hackney last week is described as “stable but critical”.

Emergency services arrived at the accident in Graham Road, just southwest of Navarino Road, on Thursday 5 August 2010 at 12.15, to find Arina Romanova, 24, of Amhurst Road, under the wheel of a vehicle.

An ambulance rushed her to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. Buses and other traffic were diverted along Dalston Lane.

Romanova is believed to have come to London from Latvia only a few months ago.


Anyone with information should phone the police on 020 8345 4912

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8 thoughts on “E8 crash cyclist stable but critical

  1. Worth stressing that the police investigation into the cause of the accident is probably continuing, so it’s uncertain as this stage who (if anyone) was at fault for this accident. I overheard a witness giving a statement so I would imagine that details will emerge in due course.

  2. Thanks, Mr K, You must have arrived soon after the incident. Let’s hope a witness comes forward or a CCTV was working so there is at least some justice for the victim.

  3. David: Passed by the incident at 12.35 and saw the scene. Passed by again at around 2.40 and asked police on the cordon if she was ok. They said that unfortunately she had died, so my apologies for not having cited my source in what has turned out to be quite a strange day.

    Let’s hope she’s ok.

  4. This is very sad. Yet another cyclist killed on London roads. RIP

  5. Thanks for the excellent additional reporting, Mr Kiell. Medics were working on the woman when they took her to the Whitechapel.

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