George fears ‘bourgeois arrivistes’ disturbing E8

THE Prince George is still in danger of closing, says Robert Thomas, of Remarkable Restaurants, which owns the Parkholme Road pub.

Responding to Hackney council’s statement that the George is safe, Thomas says the council’s (anti-) noise-pollution team tried to enforce a 9.30pm curfew on the front garden.

That “would have been curtains for the PG as people would resent being moved inside that early and in any case it would have made the pub look as if it were closed”.

The pub’s management had approached the council, which agreed to ask the neighbours if they would be satisfied if the frontage were cleared of clients by 22.10.

Thomas says: “We can just about live with that, although it could prove ultimately to kill of the business. We await the neighbours’ response.”

He adds that the “thrust of the war against us is coming from a small group who can only be described as bourgeois arrivistes and we have no chance against them if they vote us down.

“That would mean a hearing in front of the licensing committee (atriumvirate of councillors) in September.”

A Parkholme Road-dweller told Loving Dalston that there was no attempt to close the pub down. The objections were not about gentrification: a group of long-standing residents thought the noise problem had got out of hand. It was the owner’s attempt at Christmas to turn an old local into a bistro pub that prompted criticism of the planning application and to locals’ getting organised.

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2 thoughts on “George fears ‘bourgeois arrivistes’ disturbing E8

  1. I’m a Parkholme resident and nobody has asked me! I hope they are going to ask all residents and not just those that complained. I don’t have a problem with the noise, and I have just as much right to be heard by the council.

    There are new people living in the street, fact….and I couldn’t agree more that people were able to use the beer garden without upsetting anyone before the new arrivals!! As for the ‘new wave of arrivals in the pub’, it’s been a busy pub attracting a similar crowd for years.

    As for slagging people off being out of order, both the above quote and the proposal to serve food are NOT the landlord Chris’s, they are from Robert Thomas of Remarkable Restaurants. If you want to start slagging people off at least read the article properly and pick the right person.

  2. The only ‘bourgeois arrivistes’ are the crowd making the racket. Before the latest wave of arrivals, people were able to use the beer garden till late without upsetting anybody. Clearly the new crowd are less able to control their squawking faces.

    Obviously landlord Chris loves this new influx of berks because they’re paying him huge amounts of money for over-priced pints of Flowers, but slagging off the locals is a bit out of order.

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