Dalston booted into touch

Dalston has had a boot named after it – by a firm on the other side of the world.

The Dalston Desert Boot, in dark brown or beige, is made by an Australian firm.
Paul Conti, of Country Road, told Loving Dalston: “We are developing stage two of our online store, which will allow international delivery, and expect this feature to be fully operational within the next six to 12 months.” The boots are listed as costing $149 (£86).

Melbourne, the sprawling bayside capital of the state of Victoria, has more in common with Hackney than casual wear; weather for a start: Melburnians refer to their climate as “four seasons in one day”.

Lonely Planet describes the graceful- in-parts-plug-ugly-in-most city as “sophisticated and slick”, its 3.5 million citizens as “ever-ravenous for a bite of global culture”.
The Aussie acknowledgment of northeast London’s style eminence comes soon after The New York Times hailed E8, running a feature on the roof garden and the Dalston Barn. Forgeddabaht about NyLon. now it’s NyTon.

The NY article was, sadly, fundamentally flawed: the Old Lady of the Apple, notorious among freelance journalists for its fact-checkers (“You, like, sure that’s how you spell Cameron?), referred to the East London Line as an underground railway.
Some factualist pointed out that the Ell is an overground.

To the paper’s credit, rather than just quietly correcting the mistake, it published an addendum.


I better admit, too, that the nit-picker was Loving Dalston.
Thanks to Dalston Din for the tweetie that alerted me to the DB from down under. — DA


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  1. Oh, dear, how ungracious of me. Acknowledgment in place.

  2. And DalstonDin twitterer doesn’t get a mention for finding this…?

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