Gospel night in Dalston

You don’t have to go to a church service to tune into one of London’s best-kept open secrets: soul-stirring, body-shaking gospel music. And you don’t have to go beyond E8.

Shiloh Pentecostal Church will be opening its doors to all-comers for a show on Saturday 18 September 2010 at 6.30pm for 7, ending at 9pm, when the audience will be invited down to the basement for a nosh-up. Entry is free, but you will be asked for a donation towards Shiloh’s campaign to buy a lift for the two-floor building in Ashwin Street.

The Pastor, Francis Lewis, also commented on the library-name issue, above, first raised by Loving Dalston: “The name means a lot to us. I first met CLR James when I was studying at Queen Mary College in the 1970s. He use to give lectures to the Caribbean Society on such subjects as cricket, literature and politics. The audience included students from all parts of the world, not just the Caribbean.

“On one of the lectures when he turned up there were only three people. He stated that he was starting at the time he was invited to begin. When the others arrived he gave them a good telling-off. He was one for punctuality.”

A film of the concert has been posted on a pentecostal TV site.

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