Hark the handmade angels of Hackney

DALSTON’S SEASONAL silver angels will fly again. Having been told last year to flock off from St Mark’s, at the corner of Colvestone Crescent and St Mark’s Rise, they will be posted on Christmas Eve to the railings of St Mary’s in Stoke Newington.

Jean Field, pictured, of Hackney, who with her husband David, makes the angels from aluminium foil and blue plastic, told Loving Dalston: “We are pleased to be given the chance to decorate the railings of St Mary’s, although the line of the railings is curved and not as suitable as those at St Mark’s.”

The straightness of the line of the E8 railings for 20 years gave a pleasing telephoto effect to viewing of the angels. The Rev Josh Zvimba, vicar of St Mark’s, banned the religious symbols because he said they became litter for passing vandals.

David Altheer 171210

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2 thoughts on “Hark the handmade angels of Hackney

  1. Where do the Church get these vicars from? Reminds me of the vicar who wants to rip out pews and pull up the floor of a 12th century church to put in plastic chairs. HERETICS!

  2. What a shame! They had a certain home-made charm about them and added colour to the dull and shadowy area. And given that some of us long-term residents find the very presence and payment for those church railings somewhat irksome, anything that cheered them up was welcome.

    Comment by the Revd Josh Zvimba, Rector of St Mark’s, that it was down to him to pick up the fallen angels and he just didn’t have the staff or the time seem a bit egotistical and incredulous. Yes, the occasional one went flying (isn’t that what angels are meant to do?) but we locals would soon pop them back on again.

    They will be missed here but, given that St Mary’s in Stoke Newington is a much more welcoming and friendly place than St Mark’s, I’m sure they will be highly appreciated in their new home.

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