Hoxton’s cheery market sculpture re-placed

HACKNEY’S cheeriest sculpture-set, I Love Hoxton, is being returned to its home near the Britannia Leisure Centre.
The council removed the colourful artwork from the roundabout at the centre of the Hoxton-Pitfield streets intersection last autumn so the junction could be rearranged to make it more cyclist and pedestrian-friendly and to have traffic lights added.
A contributor to a local councillors’ blog says the roadworks cost the taxpayer almost £500,000.
I Love Hoxton was commissioned from NE London artist Kevin Harrison by the Hoxton Trust, an organisation set up to enhance the social, economic and environmental potential of the area.
A survey had shown that an artwork pointing towards Hoxton High Street and its market in London N1 would help to boost the street’s identity.
Trust director Karina van der Merwe told Loving Dalston: “The sculpture attempts to direct people to Hoxton Street, as well as being a memorable landmark.
“The design he came up used characteristics common to the drawings. For example the children often drew food as if it were on the outside of a bag, rather than in it.”
The sculpture-set had survived for 10 years without being vandalised and had been repainted only twice, by volunteers form the City.
Van der Merwe was convinced this was to do with the involvement of local children and the trust’s consultation of residents and retailers.

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2 thoughts on “Hoxton’s cheery market sculpture re-placed

  1. Pass through this way most days.

    Sculpture is a bit 80’s children’s television, perhaps a bit of vandalism will improve it? At the same time the overconscious styling of the urban environment sticks in my throat ( eyeball?) and this has at least some humanity in it’s naffness – “better being mugs than being smug” as the late Ian Dury once said…

    As a cyclist glad to see the roundabout gone though now that was a hazard and “the first accident in years” is “unconfirmed” because it didnt happen.

  2. This thing is tackly in the extreme and should be melted down. And do you know why it remained covered up for many months after it was first erected? I never saw an explanation for that but I assumed it was the embarrassment of it all.

    Interesting you mention vandalism. I don’t give it very long in its new position. Its previous location made it less interesting, and more difficult, for local yoof to leave their mark.

    And traffic lights? Not in the plans I have seen. Lots of cyclists and motorists find it more dangerous now and there is one unconfirmed that the first accident in years has already happened under the new arrangements.

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