Down the Dalston bunker, a future

A journey to the near future will be the first hot ticket of Dalston 2011

Your are looking at the most mysterious place in Dalston – and it’s about to become the most exciting.
The Dalston Bunker, as it has been named because it looks like something out of the Blitz even though nobody knows much about it (bear with me), has only recently been discovered.
It will be the venue for Bunker plc, “an interactive sensory installation”, portaying a fictitious company and “offering a glimpse into the future with the use of mixed media, video and sound”.
That’s how its progenitor, ScreenDeep, describes the event it has planned. ScreenDeep continues: “Equipped with a torch and waterproofs for shoes, audience members will embark on a 45-minute journey through this space.
“They are introduced to the mythology of Bunker plc and various scenarios of humankind’s controlling of the natural world – from Weather Modification Police to vertical farming and the development of genetics.
“Bunker plc deals with the daily conditions of our lives in just 20 years’ time, focusing on links between ourselves and the world around us, questioning our vision of the future while also offering an optimistic view on how we can deal with current environmental challenges.”
ScreenDeep was formed three years ago by media-arts types Olivia Bellas and Jo Shaw and the latest show was, they say, “inspired by a report issued for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills”.
Outfits with such deadly-dull titles do not normally inspire anyone, let alone young Dalstoners. Bellas and Shaw are good at drollness, however, casually mentioning obsessions such as VHS nostalgia and cloud-seeding as though they are common to everyone.
And as well as taking the public underground, Bellas and Shaw want to take us to the skies, so ScreenDeep will also be going up to the Dalston roof garden to present short films and interactive art installations and performances from artist Craig Murray and others on Friday 13 (whoooooo!) May 2011 and 14 May, also with a futuristic theme.
Olivia Bellas says: “Our work is based on how to make the audience experience as interesting as possible. A screen can be anything and we believe a screen can be penetrated.” (Yes, that’s what she said.)
Awards for All, which hands out lottery money, is supporting part of the production; the rest will come from tickets: £7, advance purchase only from Bunker plc.
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