Hedonism in a Hackney church

A chance to waste yourself and miss the royal wedding. Result!

Becci Ride and Katy Romney, two Dalstoners in their twenties, reckon they’ve become so good at organising parties that they should make it a business.

The result is Carnival Hédoniste at the New Empowering Church. Which posed a dilemma for Loving Dalston: of the many club nights in Hackney, why should the site choose to report on this one? Because of the title: hedonism in a church will always catch the eye of a jaded hack. (And, for some unknown reason,  offer a chance to write sentences without active verbs.)
Entertainment at the party will have pleasingly Romany edges, reminiscent of the much-missed Barden’s Boudoir (now the Nest) because bands include Gypsy Hill, Balkans brassists who throw a bit of surf-rock into the Mediterranean mix, and DJ Kobayashi is one of the spinners. He’s bold as brass.
Ride, whose full-time job is at a TV production company, says: “We attend a lot of gigs and parties so we know what makes a good party.
“In September we organised a joint birthday party for me and a friend in our flat in Dalston: a silent disco. We decorated the flat with pictures of Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and other famous people who died at 26 and 27, and called the night ‘Stairway To Twenty Seven’.
“We had Art Corner, a corner of the hall covered in paper with pens for people to be creative.
“In the garden we had a gazebo decorated with fairy lights, under which we placed lots of beanbags, cushions and blankets… we had a trampoline, too.
“At midnight we handed out ice pops. The party was a massive success and we thought ‘Let’s do this for real’.
“So last month we started an events company, Make A Scene.
“For the first event, we are more about making ourselves known than making money. Any profits we shall reinvest in the next party.”

* Carnival Hédoniste, at the New Empowering Church, 1a Westgate Street, Hackney, Lon E8 3RL, Thurs 28 April 9.30pm-Fri 29 April 4am: £8 in advance via the website, £10 on the door

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