Cameras roll in Dalston thriller

Agyness Deyn takes on saucy role in a Snatch-style feature film.

Trying to make his (St) Mark: a director is filming a remake
Trying to make his (St) Mark: a director is remaking Pusher
Who knew Agyness Deyn could act? Madrid-born Luis Prieto believes he knows; he is using the model in Pusher, a thriller he is working on in Dalston this week.
In the shadow of St Mark’s church, Hackney, filming has started on an improvised set inside a terrace house.
Gossip-column habitué Aggy, whose birth name may be Laura Hollins, has been cast in a role the movie’s publicity describes as “saucy”.
The feature is a version of the 1996 cult movie by Nicolas Winding Refn, a Danish-American. Press on this hyperlink if you want to see a trailer of a Hindi version.
Pusher will continue shooting in E8 and ShoHo throughout the spring.
The movie shows a week in the life of Frank, a London drug-pusher and, guess what, things start to go wrong. Nevertheless, the makers say: “Pusher will have you gripped from beginning to end.”
What have you started, “Lord” Guy “Snatch” Ritchie?
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