E8 flats green-power doubts

Architect says PV cells would offer ‘not so much’ in cost-savings to tenants.

The architect of the ten-floor building planned for Martel Place behind the Kingsland Centre shopping mall off Dalston Lane has explained the green aspects of the scheme.

Loving Dalston asked Andrew Waugh of Waugh Thistleton about the savings that the planned fitting of photovoltaic (PV) cells would give tenants of the 119-flats block. He said: “Pounds-per-month savings from PVs? On a Victorian terraced house it is £800ish a year… on a highly insulated double-glazed apartment not so much in £/month — but significant in terms of the future energy use.”

Asked if he had any idea of the carbon footprint of PV cells, he said: “Not sure about this — outside my field.

“It may be the case that the manufacturing is currently energy-intensive, but this is a relatively new technology and we need to increase our use of PVs in order to simplify the manufacturing process.”

He added that the development would have green and brown roofs.
* Press on this hyperlink for the first Loving Dalston report, with more detail, of this planned development, or use hyperlink to article headlined Another heart of Hackney high-rise.
Update: this plan has been altered plan and resubmitted as application 2012/3558 to Hackney planning. Late in the day, it has attracted wide objections, including this from the international protest group Avaaz.

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