Hopes rise for Kingsland High Street

Has the second phase of Kingsland High Street’s revival started? 

If the first wave was the opening, just north of the Rio, of restaurants and coffee bars, prime among them Dalston Superstore, the opening of Dalston Emporium could be signalling the second.

The high street between Balls Pond Road in the south and Crossway in the north has long been a press of bodies filling the pavements as they bustle along to the market and into the Kingsland Centre; surely one of London’s most dispiriting malls?

Dalston centre has failed to follow the surge in Shoreditch and Hoxton, where quirky and sometimes even useful shops sprang up to service the creative types who flocked to ShoHo.

Dalston Emporium is a world away from the betting shops, discount stores, chicken bars, mobile-phone stalls and kebab outlets that thrive in the street. We all use at least some of them, but by themselves they do not a high street make.

Located by the Rio bus stop at 127 Kingsland High, London E8 2PB, the new store shows promise of supplying the quality food that Dalston gourmets would normally have to go to one of the Gallo Nero outlets to buy.

Dalston Emporium aims to be more than Gallo Nero, however, as it hopes soon to offer alcohol, and stage live music, films, dance and exhibitions and to open late. Coffee, tea and snacks are also on sale.

Suheyla Aslan says the Emporium nearly didn’t happen: as a researcher she was asked to relocate with the BBC to Manchester. She decided instead to open the business with her husband.

A top-end hair salon for Dalston?


Just above Crossway, Blue Tit, another untypical new outlet, due to start trading on Wednesday 22 June 2011, is a hair salon that aims to be a cut above (groan) the barbershops around it at 7 Stoke Newington Road.

Perry Patraszewski, one of the founders, says Blue Tit will be a plush venue, more Broadway Market than Stokey barbershop.

Dalston Superstore wants to turn the basement of the building it occupies into a wine bar, showing films and presenting music, fashion shows and exhibitions. It will need permission from Hackney council. The council’s planners are likely to suggest approval: they have been quietly hoping that a trend is developing.

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11 thoughts on “Hopes rise for Kingsland High Street

  1. I am the owner of the Blue Tit salon and I want to thank people who left a review here and also I would like to add that non of us posts reviews ourselves. We do aim to give our clients the best possible service: disappointing them would be worse than their absence … So there is no need for me to post self-made reviews. Thanks :)Perry

  2. It is very difficult not to be cynical about websites such as this which go on and on about how one area or another (this time Dalston) is on the up. Look at these new shops! Look at these new bars! Look how the value of property is increasing. Inevitably you start to think, well which estate agent is behind this one.

    1. I understand how you have received this impression. I regret that. I am just the reporter: what I think of the Dalston/Hackney property scene should have no part in the article. The site has no commercial associations, although if estate agencies want to advertise, fine, but they should expect no editorial favours. My personal views of the money-making scramble can be occasionally heard in the pub & on twitter.com

  3. really?? i was totally taken in?…i live just round the corner and called in today just to have a look it does look amazing and they are super friendly will be booking in for highlights soon so watch this space.

  4. This is the most cringe inducing self written reviews I have ever read! No genuine customer would be bothered to go into such detail about “fresh fruit smoothies” or how it is “Best salon in east London…”.Epic #FAIL!

  5. Obviously I’m wondering whether I’m part of a rather primitive PR campaign. It certainly seems unusual for a hair salon to inspire such raves. Which is why I was happy to receive the questioning comments. I just wish Anonymous had used a name, any name, so that at least his/her comments could be distinguished from those of others. It’s a pity this site does not make that terribly easy to do. — Editor

  6. I agree. Blue Tit is amazing. I have just moved to the area and was in desperate need of a hairdresser. It was the best hairdressing experience I have had. Seeing as I have to spend quite a while in salons getting highlights done, the garden was an amazing bonus: sitting outside with fresh-fruit smoothies was great. Plus the staff are so friendly and talented. Best salon in east London by far.

  7. The Blue Tit hair salon is amazing. I went there yesterday and beside the excellent service and amazing cut I found the salon to be very trendy, nicely decorated and super friendly. I was offered a nice cup of Italian espresso and lots of cocktails. I would love to go there every day, even just for a chat and a drink with a friend. It is also very affordable. Check it out: 7 Stoke Newington Rd Lon N16 8BH. HIGHLY recommended.

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