Buy an art work cheaply — help young East Enders

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A CHANCE to buy a valuable work at a low price by Mary McCartney and 51 other top artists is being offered by a Shoreditch charity. Proceeds go to subsidising 100 East Enders aged 10 to18 to attend a famous drawing school.

The 100 Project has been set up by Poke London, nerdy creatives (their words) who do stuff (the terminology is catching).

Fifty-two artists have donated their work and once a week for a year, one will be auctioned on line. The reserve price is £100 — so a bid of just over £100 could get you an item worth thousands more.

* If you want to bid for a piece in the 100 Project, or push a young cockney towards the art course, press on the preceding hyperlinks.  The picture shows both works, at Poke London premises, by students and by auction-piece offerers.

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