Movie stars in a Dalston car park again

The stars have been out in Hackney again. Life’s Too Short, a Ricky Gervais comedy, has been under production in Dalston.

Taking part in the six-part series are English actors Warwick Davis and Jo Enright, and Americans Johnny Depp* and Steve Carell.

Davis is just under a metre tall and in this case it is not discriminatory to point that out.

Loving Dalston cannot say whether all these celebrities were summoned in the same week to the Kingsland Centre car park, which hosts production-team pantechnicons and their parka-clad contents so often that perhaps it should go full time into the movie business. But it’s a pleasant thought.

Pop stars Sting and Sophie Ellis-Bextor are also appearing in the series. (In the case of at least one of those two, “appearing” is likely to be more inaccurate than “acting”.)

Life’s Too Short, written by Gervais and his frequent collaborator Stephen Merchant, is about an atheist who dies and goes to heaven. The BBC is producing the series, likely to screen first on BBC2, then, contradicting what we’re often told about dumb Americans, on Home Box Office in the US.

* Trivial information: Depp is 48. It is discriminatory to point that out, but I take some pleasure in the thought that even someone who seems to have everything must face up to nearing 50.

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