On set with the Shoreditch Rev Tom Hollander

London’s godly TV sitcom returns to its spiritual home in Shoreditch

SHOREDITCH’S hit comedy, Rev, has returned to base. Filming the second series of the Bafta-winning slow-burner has resumed at St Leonard’s church in Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JN.

Tom Hollander was to be seen this week around the church as the wretched Rev Adam Smallbone (Vicar of Dibley, but with subtlety) with Steve Evets as Colin (distant relative of Walter in The Big Lebowski?).

British production schedules being of a tightness beyond the most optimistic imaginings of the  meanest Hollywood producer, filming and editing is due to be completed within weeks as maker Big Talk aims for an autumn release to TV, almost certainly BBC Two.

If the second series, also directed by Peter (The Full Monty) Cattaneo achieves the worldwide sales of the first, Hollander will reap more than most TV actors: with lead writer James Wood, the 43-year-old created in a pub session the concept of the vicar tossed from arcadian East Anglia into the turmoil of inner London.

The sitcom was loved by critics, among them the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams (you know: beard, mitre, crutch) who described the first series as “really rather good”. Despite that, Rev got almost 2 million viewers (well, so say the surveys).

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