Cyclists ride towards two-way victory in Hackney: Clapton motorists are stuck with one-way system

Clapton Passage 1882 and top, the Round Chapel today © A Second Look, by Israel Renson (Centerprise, 1975)
Clapton Passage in 1882 -- builders on a break (unusual) -- and top, the Round Chapel today

CYCLISTS are pedalling towards a victory in Hackney: the right to ride against the traffic flow in a key street of Clapton, Hackney E5 0PT.

Powerscroft Road, which local campaigners term a “key link” in the London Cycle Network, is likely to get a contra-flow system, à la Navarino and Greenwood roads in Dalston, a scheme started in 1995.

Hackney council will consult the public. Given the trend towards two wheels since Boris “Bikes” Johnson became London mayor, and the growing number of bike-owners in the borough, approval is likely.

Trevor Parsons, Hackney co-ordinator for London Cycling Campaign (LCC), told Loving Dalston that if that happened, two-way cycling would be restored to Blurton Road.

A further victory for sustainability centres on Clapton Passage E5 8H, opposite the Round Chapel. A dropped kerb will be installed, making it easier for cyclists to enter the passage and go thence to Clapton Square.

Parsons told LCC members: “Cycling is now considered a normal activity, and our council is supportive. We look forward to all our streets returning to two-way working, ideally for all modes, but at the very least for cycle traffic.”

More eco-travel news:
* The Lycra-wearers have scored a win in Whitehall: the transport department has agreed to the creation of a No Entry road sign that will include the words “except cyclists” to allow them to go against the flow.
* The campaign for a motor-traffic-avoiding route to be established under Bow flyover has been succeeded, The new path allows safe journeys from Limehouse north to Hertfordshire.
* A Hackney council consultation has found that 70per cent of Stoke Newington residents want two-way travel in the High and nearby streets. LCC describes the present system as an “intimidating one-way race track”.
LCC says it has had an encouraging response from Broadway Market traders and residents to its call for a reduction in through private vehicle traffic.

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