You’ve been shopped! Record number of snoopers report breaches to Hackney council

Hackney Town Hall Mare Street Lon E8 Oct 2011 © ∂å

BUSYBODIES in Hackney are reporting thousands of builders and homeowners for breaking rules. In some months 100 alleged planning breaches, sometimes eight or ten a day, are being notified.
About 75% are turning out to be worth further investigation.
The reason for the rise is mystifying. Loving Dalston wonders whether residents are becoming more aware of the restrictions that are in effect throughout the borough’s conservation areas and are more watchful of building or other work in their street.
In St Mark’s conservation area, for example, permission is needed for change the colour of a front door or to move a satellite TV antenna.  The conservation areas were introduced only after protracted consultation and agreement by residents.
Hackney council planners say: “We ask the public to be our eyes and ears.” They suggest that anyone who suspects that a development is in breach of planning controls, should fill in the online form at The planners add: “We will look into all reports and act on them accordingly.”

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