You never need be lost in Hackney now that the council has boosted its online find-it feature

HACKNEY’S proximity to the City and West End makes it a prime property spot. But new residents being, well, newcomers, can be at a bit of a loss to find their way around the borough.
The council has come to the rescue: it has just boosted the online feature, Find My Nearest, which has been winning popularity with the public, especially homeowners seeking planning information. They like the way in which you can overlay conservation boundaries on to area maps.
An in-house team has set out to give it wider appeal, adding lots of location details, including of railway stations, cash machines, venues for hire, libraries, markets and cinemas. (The new Picturehouse opposite the town hall is an embarrassing omission — likely to be soon corrected.)
A council official told Loving Dalston: “Find My Nearest is subject to continuing development work; information is being regularly added.”
Hackney is not the only borough to provide a Find My Nearest site, but in a brief survey  by this site – OK, a three-minute surf-through —  Hackney’s FMN seemed to compare well. If you have knowledge of other such sites and you agree or disagree, tell the council.

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