A master chocolatier in dirty Dalston in Hackney this Christmas: there goes the waistline

Avo hotel Dalston Lane Lon E8 © ∂å

AT THIS time of year news outlets become swamped with so many requests to publicise Christmas marketing stunts that trying to work out whether any are newsworthy becomes very time-consuming.

Niko B coffee sprinkles
Niko B coffee sprinkles and (top) Dalston Lane before Avo opened

Loving Dalston, swamped by offers of free food, drinks and myriad gifts, tempting though they are,  is doing its best to keep a moral head. But news of a chocolate shop in Dalston Lane is worth reporting: it could solve a gift problem for a few harassed present-buyers in Hackney this Christmas.

Niko B, which styles itself “Chocolatier in Residence” at the newish Avo hotel – yep, the one in the long-abused Georgian terrace at E8 3AH has a “chocolatier in residence” – is to sell its choccies there from Fri 16 Dec to Sat 24 Dec 2011 (aka, Panicky Last Day To Buy Presents Day) from 1pm to 7pm (closed Monday).
Truffles start at £1.40 (that’s for one). A small bag of dipped fruits and nuts costs from £3.60.
Or, for £15  a ticket, master chocolatier Anthony Ferguson and his wife Susan will let you try Niko B nibbles at a preview in Avo, 82 Dalston Lane, on Thurs 15 Dec 2011 from 6pm -10pm. They promise “an indulgent night of chocolate cocktails, desserts, music and a preview of their Christmas chocolates and gift boxes”.
* The ticket includes a cocktail, desserts and £5 off gift sets.

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