Dalston, Hackney, Whitechapel, Hoxton, Stepney, Bethnal Green, Shoreditch: all can be drunk

THIS IS bizarre: an attempt by Loving Dalston to get information on some products with gift potential for a Hackney Christmas has failed.

Hardly investigative journalism, so even more embarrassing that my offer of a chance of free publicity was not seized on immediately.

That is by way of an explanation of why what may seem to be a feeble plug is being published here. Feeble it may be, but it should be seen as valuable information for those who struggle to devise gift ideas; ie, men.

The topic is beers. James and Lizzie Brodie, who run Brodies brewery in Walthamstow, have given East End names to a clutch of their products.

They are Dalston Black IPA, Hackney Red IPA, Whitechapel Weizen, Hoxton Special IPA, Old Street IPA, London Fields Pale Ale, Bethnal Green Bitter, Stepney Green Steam, Shoreditch Sunshine 3.8% and Awesomestow IPA. The specific gravity is as high as 7% in one case (Dalston), in another as low as 3.8% (Shoreditch). The higher the stronger.

James Brodie told Loving Dalston: “I think it’s a great idea to put a local swing on things.”  In other words, it’s commendably good marketing.

But he forgot to answer my questions, in particular where in Hackney to buy some bottles. The beer is on draught at the Railway Tavern in St Jude Street N16 8JT, but for gifts/home consumption, you’ll have to buy them at the couple’s pub, the William IV, 816A High Road Leyton, E10 6AE (200m from a 56 bus stop).

The Brodies, who produced their first beer in 2008, were one of the first of NE London’s local microbreweries, although not the first, to give local names to their products. Loving Dalston has already reported on some of London Fields Brewery’s and Redchurch Brewery’s names for their beers.

* No ethics were harmed in the researching of this story. [What, no free drinks? Some journalists have no standards. – Ed]

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3 thoughts on “Dalston, Hackney, Whitechapel, Hoxton, Stepney, Bethnal Green, Shoreditch: all can be drunk

  1. Hackneybound: Black IPAs have been emerging for a while now in the US and in the UK. They generally have the hop flavour that you get from a standard IPA but also toasted dark malts. There are several available from other UK brewers including (but not limited to) Kernel, Otley, Thornbridge, Windsor and Eton… Generally fairly strong; very tasty. Brodie’s Awsomestow is a great IPA too.

    Brodie’s Beers are often available on draft at the Jolly Butchers in Stoke Newington (High St), Tap East in Westfield Stratford, the Southampton Arms in Kentish Town (latter two not Hackney but easy to get to) and also bottles at Mason and Taylor in Shoreditch. [You’re making me thirsty. When the Brodies tell me where to buy bottles of their locality brews, I shall add the detail to this article. — Ed.]

  2. Dalston beer sounds great but can IPA be a 7% black beer? Journalistic style a little more loose than normal: have you been testing them? [Thanks for your implied praise;. As my picture shows, the beer is presented as a 7% black IPA; a strange combo, I agree. I bought and drank a few bottles of it, cautiously, because of the beer’s stated great strength. — Ed.]

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