East End buyers: a postcode rating for prices

Clissold House in Stoke Newington Lon N16 March 2012
Dalston Lane Lon E8 2012
Dalston Lane and, top, Stoke Newington N16

A POSTCODE guide to London property prices can give would-be first-time buyers more clues on where to look.

Hamptons International and PrimeLocation.com have analysed more than 6,500 asking prices. Their findings can be only a guide because, of course, there is often a great difference between the price advertised and the sale price.

Extracting Hackney-and-about details is time-consuming, so Loving Dalston has done it for you. Here are the asking prices per square foot. (Apologies for avoiding the metrics favoured by this site. The arithmetic is easy enough; it’s the methodology that’s difficult… unless you think otherwise.)

E1 £604, E2 £475, E3 £367, E5 £340, E8 £497, E9 £449, E10 £371, E11 £311, E14 £559, E15 £399, E16 £343; N1 £617 (parts are in Hackney borough) and N16 (Stoke Newington) £454. Press this hyperlink to connect the illogical E numbers to place names.

If these “asks” seem excessive, they are: London property is selling at higher rates than in all other parts of the UK. On average home prices in the capital are just over 4% higher than a year ago. And what comes after a boom..?

Another property story? This site was in an artsy groove a few weeks ago; now it’s stuck on the price of land. – Ed.

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One thought on “East End buyers: a postcode rating for prices

  1. These are broad values and incorrect in all postcodes listed, for both new build and secondhand property.
    E8: £550 E2:£500 N1: £650+ E14: £600.
    To name a few.
    Now let’s get back to dicussions about coffee shops and cycle lanes!

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