New home for Kingsland’s guitarist Mikey

Busker Michael at the car-park entrance of Kingsland Centre Lon E8
Playtime: Michael Gregovich at the Kingsland Centre’s car-park entrance in Dalston

DALSTON’S popular busker, Michael, has told Loving Dalston that he will continue playing at the Kingsland Centre E8 2LX, even though he has moved to new accommodation several kilometres away.

The tinkle-tinkle of his guitar and his soft singing have been one of the more pleasant aspects of the shopping centre, notorious for its narrow pavement in the underground car park and empty premises.

Michael had been living in a homeless hostel in Dalston Lane but has obtained a place at a hostel on the east side of Hackney that gives him a room with en-suite bathroom and wi-fi access.

The centre includes a recording studio and staff whose expertise can help him and other occupants to develop their music skills. He has a background in studio recording.

While busking at his pitch on the ramp at the car-park entrance, Mikey has been robbed several times in the last few years. Twice at Christmas youths stole a day’s small takings of £2.80, the last time also smashing his guitar, before running away.

Stoke Newington police found two boys aged 15 and 16 and a man, 18, in a burger bar not far from the incident and charged them with robbery. They were later convicted.

The shopping centre was due for demolition, as Loving Dalston exclusively reported last July, but a planning application for a replacement failed.

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2 thoughts on “New home for Kingsland’s guitarist Mikey

  1. Oh my god, this man is a legend. Having befriended Micky I founded him to be the friendliest, most generous and musically knowledgable man. He would regularly give my children 50p out of his earnings and offer great music recommendations.

    He was the sound engineer for [Jimmy] Page and [Robert] Plant in the 1990s but has unfortunately found his way on to the streets of Dalston.

    Having moved away from the area, I find my weekly trip to my new local Sainsbury’s a lot less interesting without the presence of Micky the busker.

    Good luck to Mikey. The memory of his version of You ain’t going nowhere by the Band will not be forgotten by my family.

  2. (Snigger, snigger) “The tinkle-tinkle of his guitar and his soft singing have been one of the more pleasant aspects…”

    HA HA HA HA!!!!

    He’s be assaulting my eardrums for the past ten years.

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