Stylish fashion discount in an indie side street

Marsha Scott, co-owner, Saint Best store, Bradbury Street Dalston Lon E8 13 Apr 2012

LOVING DALSTON readers, rejoice. Just download the coupon on this page, take it to Saint Best in Bradbury Street, Dalston, and you’ll get a 20% discount on all Urbancode items in-store and online, and 10% on all other brands online.

Oh, one more thing: you have to trust the judgment of this website, not usually known as an arbiter or even an avatar of fashion. But it’s likely that the more astute of you will already have noticed the stylishly understated boutique. You may even agree with Loving Dalston’s assessment of it.

Marsha and Latoya Scott opened the store in June, 2010. The sisters were aiming at women who want exclusivity – a big ambition for a little business but one they believed they could achieve by tapping into innovative British fashion design talent.

Marsha, above, told Loving Dalston: “We are into quality, and for that you have to pay good prices. Everything in Saint Best is by indie designers, all of them from the UK.

“My sister and I were raised in Tottenham, but we know Hackney – Ridley Road market and all that, of course – so when we wanted premises, Hackney was where we looked around.

“Down in Shoreditch it was very trendy. But Dalston rentals were better. All the rents on this side of Bradbury Street are subsidised, thanks to Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC (HCD). It’s a good deal.

“We weren’t worried about being off the high street. That’s a draw for fashionistas. They don’t want stuff you can see in a mall.”

In the beginning the sisters had to find the clothes and their creators – now designers approach Saint Best.

“Yesterday,” said Marsha, “a girl struggled through the rain down from Tottenham and into the shop pulling an old wheelie suitcase. I had to admire that, and her pieces were good: I took several of them.”

The name of this quirky little shop has a delightfully nostalgic edge. Marsha explained: “My family are from one of the 14 parishes of Jamaica, called St Elizabeth but popularly known as St Best. Hence Saint Best.”

* Saint Best Fashion Boutique: 9 Bradbury Street (off Kingsland High Street), Dalston N16 8JN (0207 923 1940). Best to phone first.

Download and print this voucher, or even this page. The promo code SBEST10 (Shhhh!) is valid online when you enter it at the checkout
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