Hackney council backs Homerton hotel protesters

Late news: Loving Dalson has been told that the hotel was on Monday 11 June 1012 given permission to operate as an HMO (house in multiple occupation). 

A HOTEL said to be operating illicitly has lost its application for planning permission. Hackney planning department had recommended approval but last night 14 May 2012 the council’s planning sub-committee refused the application for a change of use of the former convent at 100 Hassett Road, Homerton E9 5SJ, to a 25-bedroom hotel with en-suite bathrooms. As Silkhouse, it has been offering cheap rooms for several years.

Opponents of the scheme, mostly residents of Homerton (above), who attended the meeting were delighted. But Hassett Road resident Katy Beale warned that the hotel owner may appeal. She said: “I don’t expect this to be the end of the matter.”

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