Council puts I Love Hackney out to grass

Mabley Green Olympics logo painted on by Hackney ccl 250712 © LBH

THE COUNCIL is so excited about the latest stunt for Hackney’s role as an Olympic borough that a press office chief phoned Loving Dalston to plug it: this was so important that email would not suffice.

The news was that a 60-metre by 43-metre I Love Hackney logo has been painted on Mabley Green, Homerton Road E9 5RN.  A “completely safe” paint was used, says the council, and “it will disappear over time and will last the length of the Olympic Games” (no mention of the Paralympic Games).

Two people took ten hours to spray the sign on the grass, pictured above in a photograph kindly supplied by the the council.

The council says: “It has been painted so that it will be visible from the Arcelor Mittal Orbit in the Olympic Park.” Tickets to ascend the tower, £15, are said to be sold out for the Friday 27 July-Sunday 12 August duration of the Games. (Yes, they start tomorrow.)

Bryan Crump
Crump: Olympian wit

Cllr Jonathan McShane says: “We’re making the very most of our status as an Olympic host and we want to entice people from all over the world to learn about Hackney, to visit us and to invest here.

“Now we want TV cameras to beam pictures of the symbol that has become synonymous with pride about Hackney all across the world.”

The timing of the call from Hackney press office was fortunate: several hours before Radio New Zealand was due to phone all the way from Wellington to ask about the Olympics legacy for Hackney — the logo must be working. But somehow it did not feature in the interview by host Bryan Crump, who incidentally made a crack that is worth repeating.

Told that The Times was boasting in an editorial today that its “campaign” was the reason for the sudden sunshine after weeks of terrible weather, Crump quipped: “Perhaps they tapped God’s voicemail.”

David Altheer 260712 

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One thought on “Council puts I Love Hackney out to grass

  1. “…out to grass”. Yeah, nice pun.

    But let’s see if I’ve got this right: people on fat salaries from Hackney council get to commission a bland piece of graffiti/propaganda saying “I love my generous employer” for all the world to see.

    But when artistic locals — who, incidentally, contribute towards the aforesaid fat cats’ salaries — create something “off message”, innovative and beautiful, for the benefit of the local neighbourhood, they get hit with threats of fines and clean-up notices.

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