Is this a record: a Dalston flat for £1500 a night?

Kingsland High St DalstonLLon E8 210712 © ∂å

THE GREAT Olympics letting bonanza has flopped. Hackneyites who hoped to join the multibillion-dollar multinationals by cashing in on the 2012 London Games have found a great lack of interest from tourists.

On one London accommodation website almost 5,000 rooms are unbooked. Homeowners and buy-to-letters who persuaded tenants to leave for the period of the Games and Paralympics are facing what estate agents term “voids” — loss-making vacancy periods.

This site wrote earlier about an E8 room advertised at £500 a night. The latest optimistic notice to come to Loving Dalston’s notice is the “perfect two-bed flat for the Olympics in trendy Dalston”, overlooking the Rio Cinema. Advertiser Giedre wants £1,500 a night, although she adds that the price is “flexible”.


Picture: Kingsland High Street on a busy Saturday, just south of the latest costly flat offer 

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2 thoughts on “Is this a record: a Dalston flat for £1500 a night?

  1. That is what those greedy people deserve. Is it fair to attempt to milk tourists dry by implementing such exorbitant rates? Come on! The fact that the Olympics is coming to town is no reason to seek to extort people.

    Even if it is the trending thing, anyone with a brain and a conscience should know better than to demand such rates. Doesn’t it strike you as a double whammy? Tourists coming into town already paying to fly in and participate in the games are also faced with ridiculous rent rates. It’s just crazy.

    I hope all those greedy landlords lose out.

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