Make Hackney happy with your true story

Hackney Picture House (Attic) Question Time watch 2012

IT’S TEMPTING when a pub bore traps you with his life story to think that you could do better, even with the unlikely material through which he mumbles, bumbles and stumbles his way. Now you have the chance to show you can.

For less than a fiver, you can buy five minutes on stage in the Attic at the Hackney Picturehouse to tell a true story. It’s the first of a monthly event staged by Spark London, which says that more than 400 people have got up to bemuse audiences. A few newspaper reviews, including The Independent saying “You will not stop laughing” which, frankly, has dangerous implications [In other words, the writer was spouting nonsense. Just say so, then. – Ed. ], have also resulted since the idea came to life in 2007.

Yes, it is a kind of open mic night but with the get-out that your story does not have to be funny. It can just be sad, or… well, you decide. Just not boring.

Hamish Scott 210812

* Spark London is at Hackney Attic, Hackney Picturehouse, 270 Mare Street E8 1HE, on Mon 10 Sep 2012, 7.30pm. Tickets £3. The theme will be “back to school”. To tell a story, sign up on arrival. Your story must be true, connected to the theme and end within five minutes. Disabled access good. The picture above is of a night of multimedia audience participation in the Attic earlier this year.

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