Pizza party near London Fields in Hackney

London Fields Hackney Lon E8 April 2010 © ∂å

PIZZA is a word that is always going to get the attention of this website. So when a press release puffing a “pizza party” (enough of this alliteration) pops (Stop!) into the Loving Dalston inbox, a dilemma arises. Should the handout be disdained for the commercial stunt it is or should it be reported as an information service for big eaters)?

The lure of fattening food won. This is how the handout started: “Burnt Enz and Homeslice (who they?) have invited nine of the finest pizza-peddlers in the city, plus three additional guest chefs, to the Climpson & Sons Roastery for the pizza party of the summer.” (More alliteration. At least mine was accidental.)

It will happen next Saturday at Arch 374, near London Fields, which ale enthusiasts will know is the brewery outlet of Climpson & Sons, the Broadway Market coffee retailer. Among the expected pizza-makers are Due Sardi, Saporitalia, Well Kneaded Wagon, Van Dough, Lardo, Sodo Pizza Café,  Ben Spalding, Ben Denner (Lucky Chip) and Junya Yamasaki (eeeyi! It’s all right, he’s a Nuno Mendes disciple).

The pizza chefs will cook on different stoves in two 90-minute sessions, so that up to three chefs can cook on a wood-fired oven at any  time.

The public can buy pizza at “only £3 a portion”. Loving Dalston fears that a portion will be too small to satisfy: the “only” may be important.

To distract you some such nitpicking, DJs will be spinning, among them Future Sound of Clapton (Comadisco), Gabbi Woo (MT Live) and Oli FT.

Climpson’s coffee , wine and spirits will  be on sale. Craft beers will include Camden Town Brewery, Meantime, Beaver Town and Cooper’s.

Worryingly, a website says that to guarantee “entry and pizza”, you can pay £10 plus 90p “fee”. For what? It’s the internet: the user does the typing. Subscriptions for a slice of pizza? That’s a first. Don’t worry about it. Entry is free.

* Pizza Party, Climpson & Sons coffee roastery, Arch 374, Helmsley Place, Hackney E8 3SB, Sat 18 Aug 2012, noon-midnight.

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