What Hackney council pays its top executives

Hackney (ccl) Service Centre 1 Hillman Street E8 1DY July 2012

THE NEXT time you find yourself thumbing through a free newspaper as you wait for your queue number to come up at Hackney’s service centre in Hillman Street E8 1DY you can be confident that top people have been hired to run the council’s many departments.

It must be so, because their salaries are high by any standards. The Prime Minister, for example, is paid £142,500 a year.

The chief executive Tim Shields earned over £200,000 a year to run a borough of almost a quarter of a million people. David Cameron runs the United Kingdom, population about 62.6 million.

Top salaries for 2011-12, including the employer’s pension contribution:

* Chief executive £207,083, up from £203,376 in 2010-11

* Corporate director of legal and democratic services £168,602 (£165,589)

* Corporate director of health and community services £160,715 (£157,580)

* Corporate director of finance and resources £155,190 (£147,274)

* Chief officer Olympics and Paralympic games £114,044 (£109,476)

* Assistant chief executive of policy £113,789 (£108,837)

* Assistant chief executive of programme, projects and performance £92,170 (£87,253)

Hackney said: “The council needs talented people to deliver consistently improving services for residents and businesses while ensuring value for money.  Salaries are in line with those of other London authorities, and represent a tiny fraction of the workforce and the gross budget of more than £1 billion.”

The council referred Loving Dalston to a site dated April 2012 and entitled “Disclosure of Senior Officer Pay”, which gives much lower figures. This is because it may not include, say, travel costs paid by the employer, and other benefits, which are in Loving Dalston’s up-to-date figures.

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One thought on “What Hackney council pays its top executives

  1. Yeah, we “can be confident that top people have been hired to run Hackney council’s many departments”, which face dreadful cuts to grass-roots and frontline services. All the while the fat cats are giving themselves pay rises, on top of their massive salaries. It makes my blood boil.

    This issue should be a source of great shame in Hackney but most people and organisations just don’t want to touch it or talk about it. So thanks for writing about it.

    I approached a trade union and an anti-cuts group for their views. None responded. — Ed.

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