Mason fades from Shoreditch, Brewdog moves in

Ex-Mason and Taylor, Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, in renovation to become Brewdog, Sep 2012

THE LONG-PREDICTED opening in Shoreditch of a BrewDog bar is to happen late next month Oct 2012. The Scots brewer, which specialises in marketing stunts such as claiming the title of maker of the world’s strongest beer, is busy renovating the respected Mason and Taylor pub at the junction of Bethnal Green Road with Redchurch Street E1 6LA.

The BrewDog website says that drinkers “can look forward to a library of beery masterpieces from all over the world”. That might be a little noisier than mosts libraries. 

Keen not to upset fans of the respected former bar at the site, BrewDog promises that it “will seek to build on the excellent work done in promoting craft beer by the Mason and Taylor management and team” and that “all of the staff are being retained”. Well, yes, but the law would raise its dusty eyebrows were the workers not at least offered the chance of re-employment. 

BrewDog has been given £551,000 by the Scottish Government towards building a £6 million brewery in Aberdeenshire rather than brewing its beers in England and Belgium. The company has also embarked on a programme of opening more bars, at about £100,000 each. Shoreditch should bring the total in its chain to 10. BrewDog also sells its own beers all over the world.

The headline-chasing company was criticised by animal-lovers for launching a super-strong beer which was sold in bottles inside dead stuffed animals.

* BrewDog will be at 51-55 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA.

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