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Hackney resident, lifelong member of the National Union of Journalists (UK) 

The population of Hackney and around, includes, according to The Times, the greatest number of young graduates in Britain. That is the Loving Dalston catchment area, which makes this news site a prime target for publicists and, as you see, for advertisers.

Here are some pointers for publicists, amateur and professional:

* news tips, especially from whistleblowers, and releases from community organisations, are welcome (see NOTICEBOARD section). A Loving Dalston reporter, if interested, will email or ask by phone detailed questions as part of the effort to find an exclusive angle. Press officers reluctant to answer questions stemming from a release should not contact this site.

* press releases that open with “Hi there”, or some other indication that it has been sent to hundreds of outlets and probably has no relevance to NE London, will be deleted.

* embargoes? Oh, yeah, those deadlines arbitrarily decided by publicists that are invariably broken by mainstream news organisations.

* jpegs of pictures can be included but must come with any necessary photographic credit and be described as free to use. Loving Dalston may ask for a photo opportunity.

* zip files will not be opened. Send text as text.

* if an email elicits no response, send another email or telephone. Email servers occasionally fail and you may have to use the other eddress listed on this page.

* many people want to write for this site; few are good enough. If you see journalism as a way of free entry to clubs, cinemas, concerts and other entertainment, approach a blog.

* do not suggest contra-deals involving payment. Sponsored editorial can be offered but is subjected to the usual high standards of editing. The article will then be clearly marked as sponsored editorial. Payment in advance.

* If you want to buy an article or a photograph, you will have to pay something like NUJ rates. For a photograph, start at £50.

* Invitations to product launches and other parties are welcome, but not events with pay-bars. Publicists openly criticising journalists who enjoy hospitality will be discouraged from further contact with Loving Dalston and may be encouraged to emigrate to Norway, where alcohol is so hard to obtain it is never free.

More information: for the editorial approach of this site see ABOUT, for publicising community events (fairs, jumble sales, free activities) see NOTICEBOARD.

This site welcomes fair comments, including the critical. As is standard UK newspaper practice with letters to the editor, they will be subject to editing, although only as necessary, for grammatical, legal or taste reasons, or for shortening. Be polite in what you write and be brief. Wikipedia citations are not welcome. Loving Dalston on Twitter: @lovingdalston