The Islington Dalston bus gap not on a bus route

IS THIS one of London’s oddest traffic schemes?  A jumble of vehicle gaps and signs in Mildmay Road N1 announces that the wide centre lane is for buses only. But it is not on a bus route.

Motorists, however, have to try to squeeze into the car-scraping gaps on each side. Cyclists also face a challenge in sliding through the gaps for bicycles.

The scheme, visually polluting a pleasant street on the Islington-Dalston border, cost about £60,000 when it was installed in March 2005.

Islington council told Loving Dalston it was to prevent heavy goods vehicles using the area as a through route.

The council added: “The central gap, marked as a bus lane, provides a bypass lane for exempt vehicles, which includes council refuse vehicles, school buses and buses on diversion.”

As for the cycle lane in Greenwood Road, Hackney E8 1AB, pictured at left, Loving Dalston is not going even to ask the authorities to explain what makes them think cyclists would feel safe occupying such a gap.

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One thought on “The Islington Dalston bus gap not on a bus route

  1. These are two sub-optimal ways of stopping rat-running through residential areas. Both would better be dealt with by a road closure. Cyclists have coined the phrase “modal filter”, allowing access for the sustainable modes only.

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