Want to park in Hackney? Stay on a yellow line

Winchester Place E8
Top and above: Winchester Place, Dalston E8

PARKING in a tiny street used by a minicab firm is being blitzed by Hackney council. During the last six weeks it has made more than 400 visits to Winchester Place in Dalston, above, which is always crowded with cars parked on double yellow lines.

The council told Loving Dalston: “There seems to be a lot of disabled drivers parking there. Blue badge-holders are permitted to park for up to three hours, but there is a continuing problem with minicabs parking there.” The E8 2NS street would be added to the council list of “problem areas that require extra attention”.

A parking officer told Loving Dalston that he regularly tried to ticket private-hire cars in that street but drivers would move them away for a while, returning them once he was out of sight. He said he had fined one such driver a few days earlier. In a separate on-street interview, another officer said he had been instructed not to ticket in Winchester Place.

An operator at Adams Car Service, asked why its vehicles parked without penalty on double-yellow lines, said that was a question for Hackney parking. Told that an officer had claimed to have been told not to ticket in Winchester Place, she said: “The interview is over.”

Bollards to that: parking in Dalston Lane
Bollards to that: parking in Dalston Lane

Neither she nor the parking officers would give their names.

In Dalston Lane cars have been parking on the pavement behind steel bollards and yellow lines. The council, asked why drivers were ignoring the yellow lines, said: “If these vehicles are parked on private property, they may be entitled to park there.

“We’re looking into this and will monitor the situation.”

The council staffer did not say whether police would be asked to investigate.

There are several instances in the borough of motorists ignoring parking restrictions. This may puzzle drivers who have had to pay Hackney’s large parking penalties, sometimes just for making an obvious date error on a visitor permit.

Hamish Scott 190113

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