Will Ridley Road be the real star of this TV show?

AH, THE GLAMOUR of working in the film business. The picture shows actors and crew queueing for lunch in the lush surroundings of the Kingsland Centre, uhm, car park.

Who knows, one day the director and cast of James Street, may be famous from Hollywood to Holyrood? Meanwhile, they shiver in the January drabbiness, ready for another early rising to film in the nearby Ridley Road market, dreaming of limousines such as the one in the photograph, whose chauffeured occupant is unlikely to have to queue to dine.

James Street is being produced for Channel 4 and will be a series of six episodes. Dalstoners will not get the car park back until late next weekend. Filming was due to move today 16 Jan 2013 to Vauxhall SW8 in South London but a horrendous helicopter crash in the area in the morning made filming inappropriate.

By coincidence, one of the two deaths was of a charter pilot, Peter Barnes, who had, the BBC reported, flown in action scenes for Saving Private Ryan, Die Another Day and other movies.

Channel Four series Top Boy, about inner-city drug and gang culture and starring Ashley Walters, is also filming in the market. At least one Ridley Road shop has claimed compensation from the film-maker for alleged loss of business.


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One thought on “Will Ridley Road be the real star of this TV show?

  1. I lived in London, mostly in Hackney, for five years. I’m missing it so. Best quality of life. Best prices (fruits, vegetables and meat are cheaper than in France).

    Only one thing I can say: I love you, Hackney, and can’t wait to be back.

    Bravo, Monsieur! I love the six council-run markets of Hackney, especially Ridley Road. I wish, however, that they were as vibrant as the street markets of those in France, such as in Marseille (although strangely they lack the sounds of music from different cultures that blares out so enjoyably from the shops in Ridley Road).

    I assume, by the way, that you’ve read some of Shooey’s Rambling Down Ridley Road columns http://lovingdalston.co.uk/?p=11892 – Ed.

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