Hitchcock to Ritchie: Hackney lures the art

Mash-up: A not F Cooke?
Mash-up: not the F Cooke Hackney version

SOMETIMES extraordinary things happen in the smallest places. Art-lovers may therefore be wise to keep an eye on the Invisible Line gallery, above. It has been showing some fascinating, not necessarily commercial work since its opening early last year, 2012.

Its latest exhibition, “London Locations”, by Middlesex University Illustration BA course staff and students, is inspired by film locations, as well as little-known parts of the capital, in the form of pencil drawings, silkscreen prints, collage, and etchings of street scenes.

The gallery says: “They reminisce on films such as Hitchcock’s The BirdsQuadrophenia, and Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Hitchcock to Ritchie — quite a range, then. You could say that the show is just a bit of work by teachers and students, but you might be underrating it: the course’s staff include Alvarado Gallery founder Laura Alvarado, who offers a rendition of The King’s Speech, and Vicky Samuels, a documentary printmaker with a reportage illustrating Essex Road’s fading-away art deco wonder, the old Carlton Cinema.

Tara Aghdashloo, Invisible Line artistic director, told Loving Dalston: “We are excited to push ourselves, our audience and our clients further. We believe in the art that we represent.

“Our last show was of two international photographers, and with this one, we are focusing on London and introducing new talent  as well as some well-known illustrators from Middlesex University.”

Barbican Weekender: Brain Waves
Barbican: Brain Waves

At the affluent end of the art spectrum, the Barbican, possibly Europe’s best-funded cultural centre, wants to cream off some of the well-educated crowds that go to East End art shows, such as those devised for Vyner Street in south Hackney, which has become an art quartier in itself.

Rima Dodd, of the Barbican, told Loving Dalston: “Part of the Barbican’s remit is to attract new audiences from East London and we were hoping the season, and in particular the free weekends, Barbican Weekender: Brain Waves and Barbican Street Fair, might be of interest your readers.”

“Free” is always a good word. If it hooks you, press the preceding links. Links for Vyner Street events: Ten on Thursday, Free Art on Friday 

* London Locations opens on Thursday 21 February 2013 at the Invisible Line, 87 Dalston Lane, London E8 2NG, is open from Wednesday to Saturday, 1pm-7pm, Sunday, 1pm-6pm.

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