Hot side of Hackney, home of the hipsters

SIXTY PER CENT of Hackneyites admit to sleeping with someone on the day they meet them. In a survey of Londoners’ sexual habits and desires Hackney residents show up as most prepared, Abba-like, to take a chance on someone.

As for double-dealing, the overall figure for London men and women who have cheated is 49%. For men who would if they could it’s 42%.

Survey participants further east reveal emotional complexity (to put it politely): in Romford 62% of men and women say they have cheated, yet in Havering 92% apparently claim to be happy with their sex lives.

Men think that 12 times a month is about right for copulation, women would be content with nine.

At the office, licentiousness is rife: 23% have had sex sex at work. This sometimes has wretched consequences: about half the respondents have slept with a workmate. Female executives should beware male connivers because more than a fifth have admitted to using sex to win promotion, the snivellers.

Caroline McGinn, features editor of Time Out, which held the survey, says: “One of the great things about so many Londoners having shared their stories and experiences is that we had a large enough sample group to compare the sex lives of different boroughs… it seems that the closer you live to Essex the more likely that your partner is cheating on you.”

More than 10,000 people responded to the free magazine’s online survey.

Chillout area in Dalston library and, top, a local ceilidh. If the survey is even a little accurate, such innocent pursuits may not be the only way Hackney people pass the time
Chillout area in Dalston library and, top, an E8 ceilidh. If the survey is even a little accurate, such innocent pursuits may not be the only way in which some locals pass the time
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