BBC star rides with East End night bus tune

BBC RADIO 6 presenter Tom Robinson is raving about the debut song of Krammer vs Maurice, which received a bad reception on Loving Dalston.

The former popsinger called KvM’s song-length video about the 149 night bus through Hackney “a pop gem”. Using a lyric rooted in everyday experience, the tune had its tongue in its cheek, yet had “dark menace”.

“I fell in love with Krammer Vs Maurice on first hearing this song,” Robinson added, “and have loved it ever since”. Why had the video only 400 views on YouTube, he asked rhetorically.

Gill Mills, of  Amazing Radio, an English internet-only radio station, is also said to have praised the tune.

Simon Poole, of Silent Radio, a Manchester site, described the song as “observational music, you see it, and you write it, as it is, in all its beauty and ugliness. Night Bus Home is easy to connect with”.nightbushomeB

Krammer vs Maurice continues to maintain its aura of secrecy, although it told Loving Dalston “We just want to write about things that we see in front of us. Simple, really”, adding that “there are more songs in the making”.

The self-styled East End collective said that two members’ middle names inspired the title of the group, which comprised “male, female and everything in between” and dabbled in “trombone, violin, recorder and bazooka”. That last could refer to the bouzouki or it could be an attempt at humour.

KvM has published a wide-ranging attack on Loving Dalston’s first report, terming it a “scathing” and “ill-informed” review. It expressed “hate towards the song” and was “ridiculously pretentious, filled with factual errors, insignificant comparisons and words we had to look up to understand”.

The editor of Loving Dalston, David Altheer, denied the article included factual errors. As for its being ill-informed, KvM had been slow to co-operate with requests for information, if not deliberately vague.

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