Boot polish £40 a litre — that’s more than Bolly

JUST OVER £33 a litre seems good value for quality champagne, especially when compared with shoe polish at £40 a litre.

That is not a mistake: Sainsbury’s in Dalston, and throughout Britain, is selling Bollinger in the standard 3/4-litre bottle for £25 while offering a 50cc can of Kiwi Parade polish for £2.

No discount is offered on the Indonesia-origin polish but customers who have saved Nectar points and who can afford to buy six bottles at a time will be able to take advantage of discounts to get the French bubbly for less than £20 a bottle.Sainspolish

What the idea of  boot polish costing more than fine champagne signifies is difficult to say, so Loving Dalston asked Sainsbury’s.

The supermarket multinational was no help, declining to comment on the particular prices, although saying: “Sainsbury’s is committed to helping our customers Live Well For Less.

“We always aim to offer customers transparent pricing…” (This waffle went on for a few more sentences, but the editor ended the plug there.)

Wine critic Jane MacQuitty describes the Bolly, “Special Cuvée Brut Champagne” (winemakers often splash lush language all over their bottles), as a “humdinger” ideal for anyone after “a magnificent, golden, full-bodied, James Bond-approved mouthful”. Or the bottle could be kept for up to 18 months.

Hamish Scott

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