Hackney a runner-up in the violence stakes

HACKNEY is one of the most violent places in London; at least, so says the latest survey. The UK Peace Index rates the borough the capital’s third-least peaceful.

The index is calculated using rates of murder, weapons crime and public-disorder, for all of which Hackney rates strongly.

The index says the national trend was a steady decline in violence from a peak in 2006. “Nevertheless,” the index adds, “the average violent crime rate over the 10-year period was more than twice the national average. Given this, Hackney receives the worst possible score of 5 for the violent crime indicator.”

One reason, the index suggests is that “Education rates are poor”, noting that in Hackney “20% of the population” have no qualifications.

It is little comfort to point out that Lewisham is rated the least-peaceful London borough and that Newham, Tower Hamlets and Lambeth are almost on the same level as Hackney.

What may be comforting, if only to the men and women of Stoke Newington police station, above, is that surveys are notorious reflections of reality. And that even cities as charming as Amsterdam and Prague are rated more violent than London.

Hamish Scott

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