Hey, wake up! You could win a Hackney contest

DO YOU know of anyone born on 5 December 1909? An art-house movie screening in Hackney about a woman’s 100 birthday has inspired a competition to find an age mate in London.

(Relax, at the end of this article is a contest for younger readers. — Ed.)

Sofia Serbin de Skalon, founder-director of the Argentine Film Festival in London, which opens at the Hackney Picturehouse on Wednesday 17 April 2013, is looking for a “twin” for the subject of the Argentinian-Spanish documentary Sofia turns 100.

Serbin de Skalon told Loving Dalston: “Few people live to be 100. Even fewer reach such an age with the warmth, vitality and infectious humour of Sofia Yussen (right), the star of this film and whose life offers a unique insight into 100 years of Argentine history.

“From the death of her father in the 1944 San Juan earthquake, to the disappearance of her son during the military dictatorship and her forced exile to Brazil at 67, Sofia’s life has been coloured by many dramatic episodes in the history of Argentina.

Film still of Sofia
Smiling through the years: Sofia, who is now 103

“Hernán Belón’s captivating documentary follows Sofia’s day-to-day life as she approaches her birthday celebrations, surrounded by children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, who provide her with a never-ending flow of activity and interest.”

If you know anyone who shares her birth date, the festival organisers would love to film an interview with you about your life. As well as the Warholian 15 minutes of fame, the subject would be offered a bag of Argentinian traditional cakes and biscuits (soft, presumably).

In the admittedly unlikely event you have relevant information, email  your contact details, with “Sofia’s Twin Competition” in the subject/title field, to info@argentinefilmfestival.com. Include some details, such as whether you’re writing on behalf of a friend or relative. The deadline is Monday 15 April 2013.

If no age mate is found, the goody bag will go into a raffle for the screening of Sofia turns 100 (Sofia cumple 100 años), at Hackney Picturehouse on Thursday 18 April at 1pm.

Non-centenarians (and centenarians — no ageism here) can win two tickets to a screening of this 2010 movie at Hackney Picturehouse as part of the Argentine Film Festival on Sunday 21 April 2013 (the last day) at 3pm (in Great Britain).

To enter the competition, answer this question: Which edition of the Argentine Film Festival in London is this? (clue: the festival website) and email, with your answer in the subject/title field, and contact details in the message/text area to info@argentinefilmfestival.com before 5pm on Monday 15 April 2013 (in Great Britain).

A correct entry will be picked at random and the sender notified. Both contests will follow Gambling Act 2005 requirements  — eg, employees of any involved organising companies cannot enter.

Hamish Scott

* Well done, Hamish, for not mentioning  the Falklands. — Ed.  

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