Twenty-one! Ping-pong bounces into the parks

Ping! London free table-tennis at the Barbican July 2013 ©

PING-PONG, table tennis or even whiff-whaff… table tennis has several names but the beauty of the game… sorry, Olympic, uhm, sport… is that it’s easy for anyone to look reasonably good at playing it.

So to coincide with the arrival of summer something called Ping! London is starting again.

From the Olympic Park to Cavendish Square, Arnold Circus to Grove Park, more than 100 tables will be ready to entice passers-by, say the organisers.

Every Ping! table offers Random Acts of Ping! Pong, including what, in a rather desperate attempt at youth appeal, is termed Smash the City.

That’s one of many ideas. A series of events that will appeal to Hackneyites is the Ping! Pong Revolution (oh, dear, another go at seeming “radical”): cycle rides that lead participants around London one Ping-Pong table at a time.

The first ride will set off from Soho Square on Friday 9 August at 7pm and end at Hackney City Farm for pedal-powered table-tennis movies.

Hamish Scott

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