Parking: London postcodes the thieves like best

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WHERE IN London can a car be parked on the street without the owner having to worry? In zones 1 and 2, probably nowhere.

Car crime, as the police term it, is worst in inner-city areas, notably those parts of Hackney and Islington with an EC2 postcode, says a survey this week. A total of 1,228 offences was committed on average for every 10,000 vehicles.

Central London districts WC2, WC1 and W1 are next, followed by three other east districts.

Cars are safer in suburban streets: the UB11 postcode of Uxbridge and parts of Bromley (the SE London version), Kingston and Twickenham are well down the table.

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In the heart of Manchester: best go by boat

On a national scale, two cities are riskier to leave a car in than London: Manchester, followed by Bradford.

Daniel Harrison, editor of HonestJohn, a motoring website, said the survey highlighted a  “shocking” north-south divide, adding: “As with many cities, vehicles left in on-street parking zones tend to be more vulnerable to being broken into and suffering criminal damage.”

Metropolitan Police figures have thefts of items from cars accounting for 48 per cent of car crime (they are not referring to the more-serious bad driving) and criminal damage for 29 per cent.

Top ten car-crime areas by postcode : EC2, WC2, WC1, W1, EC1, E9, E8, W6, SE8, N15

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* Research: HonestJohn 

* Main picture shows Hoxton N1 6LP, according to the survey a reasonably sensible place in which to park a motor vehicle.

* City of London Police officers are trying to establish why young people in Newham are prone to vehicle-insurance fraud and are asking drivers aged 17 to 30 who live in or around the borough to do an online survey. Participants will be entered in a draw to win a PlayStation 4. 

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