A Christmas fair to add flair to Dalston Square

Dalston Sq 26092013 © david.altheer@gmail.com

FOR ONCE, writing about Christmas months in advance may be justified. A Christmas market is being held in Dalston Square E8 3DD, pictured, in December and now is the time for would-be traders there to consider hiring a pitch.

Organiser City Showcase says it is a not-for-profit outfit so stall costs are “being  kept to a minimum and include Hackney council charges, stall costs and event security”. [Get to the point: what’s the cost? – Ed.]

Stallholders can pay £65 plus 10% of the day’s takings or £350, for:

* stall with roof and a table

* table area: just over 2m x 1m

Nanette Rigg
Nanette Rigg: on guard against tat

* roof area: about 2m x  2m

* chairs

* stallholder promotional information on City Showcase sites

* link to your website and inclusion in publicity.

For a pitch only, you’ll pay £20 plus 15% of the day’s takings.

Will there be tat? City Showcase’s Nanette Rigg will be one member of a committee that will try to prevent it. Food stalls will be subject to Hackney council approval.

Hamish Scott 260913

* Dalston Christmas Market, Dalston Square E8 3DD, Sun 1 Dec 2013 11am-7pm. To apply as a trader, go to City Showcase. Applications before Fri 4 Oct 2013. Entertainers can also apply.

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