Sit down, stand up: Stanley Donwood hits Stokey

Supplied pic: © Stanley Donwood

RADIOHEAD’S star artist – sorry, in-house creator – Stanley Donwood will be in Stoke Newington next month to launch his retrospective of prints and one-off pieces at Hang-Up Gallery.

Among them will be the last original canvas from 2003’s Hail to the Thief [Oh chief/thief: hilariousEd.] series, section above,  the inspiration for the pop group’s Grammy award-winning album.

Donwood (aka Dan Rickwood) and Thom Yorke became friends at Exeter University. Donwood created Radiohead’s artwork from 1995’s The Bends  onwards.

The gallery comments: “The powerful visual identity he has created for the band is considered so in tune with Thom’s music that the debate still rages as to whether the pair are one and the same.” [A quick dip into Google images ends that debate.Ed.]

Donwood has had a lot of exhibition over the years, not all of them attended by Yorke. Perhaps the singer will limo to the launch party for this show.

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* Apocalypse Boutique, Hang-Up Gallery, runs at 56 Stoke Newington High Street N16 7PB, Sat 2 Nov 2013-Sun 1 Dec 2013

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