Ping-pong for the Christmas Hackney throng

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JUST ABOUT everybody can play ping-pong – or, if you prefer, table tennis or whiff-whaff – and what a great ice-breaker is the game.

Which is why an outfit called Pop Up Ping-Pong (Pupp) has been finding unusual venues around London to change them into dreamy spaces for events filled with street food, drink and music, popping up at venues around London. And the last of the year will be in Hackney.

Netil House near London Fields, which is Boris-Bikeable, will become an Elf factory that includes ping-pong tables alongside what Pupp terms “beer pong tables” – which are not, as you might think, the kind of beer-soaked smelly furniture that goes with awful pubs.

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The bar will be stocked with  mulled wine and other winter warmers, including beer at £3 a bottle. Small cheeseburgers with melted brie and a turkey slider with cranberry sauce will be on sale, all to the backing of a DJ spinning tracks, which you can add to via the Pupp Playlist.

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* Netil House, 1 Westgate Street, Hackney E8 3RL (wheelchair-accessible), Saturday 21 December, 6.30pm-00.30. Tickets £8 

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